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38 Modern Organic Kitchen Ideas from LA’s Local Pros – Get Green and Gorgeous!

As the City of Angels continues to expand, so does its modern and organic kitchen design. With the ever-growing population and the influx of new, exotic tastes, Los Angeles has become a hub for modern organic kitchen designs. From sleek, industrial designs to more traditional, rustic looks, there are so many different options when it comes to creating a beautiful, modern organic kitchen. To help you get inspired, we’ve consulted with some of the best local professionals to get their top 38 ideas for modern organic kitchens in Los Angeles.

Idea from Silicon Bay

Idea from Peters Architecture

Idea from aARts William Dale Brantley Architects

Idea from JL Interiors

Idea from Joel Reis Architecture and Real Estate Photography

Idea from Surfaces USA

Idea from Eden LA Furniture and Interiors

Idea from Lauren Shadid Architecture + Interiors

Idea from ANX / Aaron Neubert Architects


Idea from 213 Design

Idea from Ames Peterson – International Architecture

Idea from Interior Particulier