Bathroom Ideas

From Classic to Funky: 136 Retro Bathroom Ideas from Design Pros

Are you planning a bathroom remodel and want to give it a retro-inspired look? Look no further! We’ve gathered 136 ideas from industry experts that will help you achieve a charming and nostalgic bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a wide variety of retro bathroom ideas to help you get inspired. From vintage fixtures and bold wallpaper to colorful tiles and unique accessories, these ideas will help you create the perfect retro bathroom.

Our expert panel includes interior designers, renovation specialists, and industry experts who have years of experience in creating retro-inspired bathrooms. With their help, we’ve gathered the most innovative and stylish ideas to give your bathroom a timeless look. So, whether you’re planning a complete remodel or just want to add some retro touches to your existing bathroom, these 136 ideas are sure to provide you with the inspiration you need.


Idea from Storybook Interiors

Idea from Adeline Ray Design Studio

Idea from Patricia B. Warren, AIA Warren Architecture, LLC

Idea from Howells Architecture + Design

Idea from By Design Interiors, Inc.

Idea from Hermitage Kitchen Gallery

Idea from Amy Kartheiser Design

Idea from Lav•ish – The Bath Gallery

Idea from Embellishments Design Studio

Idea from Creekside Cabinets

Idea from Hammer & Hand

Idea from Granite Division Inc.

Idea from Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Idea from m.o.daby design

Idea from DEZINE INC

Idea from Brennan + Company Architects

Idea from Thomas Development

Idea from S+H Construction

Idea from Amy Peltier Interior Design & Home

Idea from Annie Hall Interiors

Idea from The Tile Shop

Idea from Classic Homeworks

Idea from Studio D – Danielle Wallinger

Idea from Wiedemann Architects LLC

Idea from anna forkum

Idea from Dane Cronin Photography

Idea from Echelon Custom Homes

Idea from Teton Heritage Builders

Idea from Berghuis Construction LLC

Idea from WERK | Building Modern

Idea from Hill Custom Homes

Idea from Cornerstone Architects

Idea from Jim Boles Custom Homes


Idea from Interior Anthology

Idea from Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling

Idea from Zelman Style Interiors

Idea from Fibonacci Stone