Bathroom Ideas

Step Into the Past with 17 Retro Bathroom Ideas from Local London Experts

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, and it is important to ensure you have a design that fits your own style and needs. Retro-style bathrooms are back in fashion, and if you are looking for inspiration on how to create one in your London home, then look no further. We have rounded up 17 of the best retro bathroom ideas from local professionals in London, so you can create a retro bathroom that is both stylish and functional. Read on to learn more.

Idea from Jones Associates Architects

Idea from Martyn Clarke Architecture

Idea from Laura Hammett Ltd

Idea from Godrich Interiors

Idea from LEIVARS

Idea from Jimmie Martin

Idea from Cayford Design

Idea from Anna Standish Interiors

Idea from Studio 30 Architects

Idea from Alex Maguire Photography

Idea from Robert Rhodes Architecture + Interiors

Idea from Drummonds Bathrooms

Idea from Lindsey Lang Design Ltd

Idea from Adam Butler Photography

Idea from Breaad

Idea from Imperfect Interiors

Idea from TG-Studio