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20 Spectacular Contemporary Fire Pit Garden Ideas from Top Design Professionals!

Bringing warmth and ambiance to your outdoor space, a fire pit can be an integral part of your landscaping design. And when it comes to contemporary fire pit garden ideas, the options are truly endless. From intricate designs to simple and easy-to-install options, today’s garden design professionals have plenty of inspiring ideas. In this article, we showcase 20 spectacular ideas to help you create the perfect outdoor getaway.

Idea from Premier Outdoor Living LLC

Idea from REMARK

Idea from Altera Landscape


Idea from Land Escapes Inc.

Idea from Eden Garden Design

Idea from the be architecture studio

Idea from Outdoor Lifestyles Landscape LLC

Idea from B. Jane Gardens

Idea from Michael J. Dul & Associates, Inc.

Idea from Tongue & Groove Design + Build

Idea from Site Design Studio

Idea from Jeffrey Smith

Idea from Bonick Landscaping

Idea from CJ Paone AIA | Archipelago Workshop

Idea from Andrew Goodwin Designs

Idea from Quinn Craughwell Landscape Architects

Idea from MAXIME ARNOUX – Paysagiste-Concepteur

Idea from BIOPHILIA design collective ltd.