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Upgrade Your Chicago Backyard with These 10 Stunning Pathway Ideas

Are you looking to give the backyard of your Chicago home an amazing transformation? Look no further! With these ten professional backyard pathway ideas, you’ll create an incredible outdoor space that your friends and family will love visiting. From elegant herringbone patterns to creative pathways made of cobblestones, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to turn your backyard into a beautiful oasis. Keep reading to learn more about the best backyard pathway design ideas for your Chicago home!

Idea from Schmechtig Landscapes

Idea from Arrow. Land + Structures

Idea from Mariani Landscape

Idea from Krugel Cobbles, Inc.

Idea from Bamesberger Architecture

Idea from Green View Landscaping

Idea from KD Landscape

Idea from Bruss Landscaping, Inc.

Idea from CB Conlin Landscapes Inc.

Idea from Greenhaven Landscapes Inc.