Dining Room Ideas

Expert Insights: 24 Exclusive Round Table Dining Room Ideas from Washington DC’s Best

When it comes to hosting the perfect dinner party, there is no better way to make a lasting impression than with a beautiful dining room. From picking the right colors to choosing the perfect furniture, it can be overwhelming to create the perfect atmosphere for your guests. But don’t worry – Washington DC professionals have shared their 24 best round table dining room ideas to help you create a stunning setting for your next dinner party. From bold and modern to rustic and traditional, these ideas will help you create a stunning dining space that will get your guests talking. Get ready to take entertaining to a whole new level with these ideas!

Idea from Laura Fox Interior Design, LLC

Idea from Dream House Studios

Idea from Heather O’Donovan

Idea from Mimi Wilson – MW Design Group

Idea from Megan Blake Design

Idea from Alexis Hubbard

Idea from Nicole Crowder Design

Idea from Breeze Giannasio Interiors

Idea from Liza Jane Interiors

Idea from Deborah Scheck

Idea from Bruce Palmer Coastal Design

Idea from Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc.

Idea from Architessa

Idea from K Squared Builders – Dale Kramer

Idea from Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc.

Idea from Haus Interior Design

Idea from Laura Bendik Interiors

Idea from Devon Grace Interiors

Idea from Patrick Brian Jones PLLC

Idea from Miriam Dillon, Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc.

Idea from M/I Homes

Idea from Elizabeth Cross-Beard

Idea from Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath