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Designing Dream Homes: 120 One-Story Exterior Ideas Revealed by Industry Leading Experts

Welcome to a world of contemporary one-story living, where architectural beauty and functional design intertwine. In this article, we present an extraordinary compilation of 120 exterior home ideas meticulously curated by the industry’s leading experts. Each idea represents a unique vision, showcasing the remarkable diversity and creativity present in today’s architectural landscape.

Prepare to be inspired as you embark on a visual journey through a vast array of styles, materials, and landscaping choices. From sleek and minimalist designs to striking and innovative concepts, these exterior home ideas capture the essence of modern living. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to revamp your existing residence or an enthusiast seeking inspiration for your dream home, this collection offers an abundance of ideas to fuel your imagination.

Idea from Atwood Custom Homes

Idea from Perle Construction LLC

Idea from Sash and Sill

Idea from April Balliette

Idea from Flavin Architects

Idea from Rainbow Valley Design & Construction

Idea from Arbor South Architecture

Idea from Neal Huston & Associates

Idea from House to Home Design Build Remodel

Idea from Steven Dailey Construction

Idea from Josh Wynne Construction

Idea from Sun West Custom Homes LLC

Idea from Liquid Design

Idea from The Hills Group

Idea from Martel Construction Inc.

Idea from Hammer Architects

Idea from Modern Architecture Services

Idea from Birdseye Design

Idea from 3rd Street Custom Homes

Idea from ALTUS Architecture + Design

Idea from DD Ford Construction

Idea from Landvisions

Idea from Davis Davis Architects

Idea from Level One

Idea from Unique Stone Imports

Idea from Allen Construction

Idea from Four Brothers Design + Build

Idea from B.O.B. – Beyond Ordinary Boundaries Architecture

Idea from Goggans Residential Architecture

Idea from SOLSTICE Planning and Architecture

Idea from Steven Allen Designs, LLC

Idea from Heidi Hornaday, Architect, P.C.

Idea from Studio Boise, LLC