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Orange County’s Finest Contemporary Single Storey Homes: 12 Expert-Designed Exteriors

When it comes to contemporary one-story exterior home designs, Orange County stands as a hub of inspiration. Local professionals in this vibrant Californian region have been redefining the concept of modern living, combining sleek lines, innovative materials, and thoughtful landscaping to create stunning residential exteriors. In this article, we will showcase 12 exceptional home ideas curated from the imaginative minds of Orange County’s talented architects and designers. From minimalist marvels to bold architectural statements, prepare to be captivated by the diverse range of contemporary one-story homes that epitomize the essence of Orange County’s design scene.


Idea from Chelsea Lauren Interiors

Idea from Hudgins Design Group

Idea from Pheasant Hill Homes Ltd.

Idea from Migliozzi Design Architecture

Idea from BRANA Designs I Helena Brana

Idea from Avalon Architectural, Inc.

Idea from Corbin Reeves Construction

Idea from GDM Landscape Inc

Idea from GRADY-O-GRADY Construction & Development, Inc.

Idea from Design Appruv, Inc.

Idea from David R. Olson Architects