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Closet Couture: 50 Contemporary Walk-In Closet Ideas from Top Designers

Do you have a luxurious and contemporary walk in closet on your wish list? Or are you looking to upgrade your current closet to be more stylish and modern? Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be giving you 50 inspirational ideas from top industry professionals to help you create the stylish and contemporary walk in closet of your dreams. These ideas cover a range of different designs, styles, and features to make sure there is something for everyone!

Idea from Closet Classics

Idea from Kennedy Cole Interior Design

Idea from Inspired Closets by Organized Spaces

Idea from Michelle Wenitsky Interior Design

Idea from The Organized Home

Idea from Jodi Fleming Design

Idea from Woodstock Cabinet Company

Idea from Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture

Idea from Pam Vidulich @ Closet Factory (Phoenix)

Idea from Classy Closets San Diego

Idea from Madeval USA

Idea from More Space Place of North America

Idea from Polly Nunes, CMKBD

Idea from The Container Store Custom Closets

Idea from The Crew Builders

Idea from Schneider Construction & Restoration

Idea from Old Town Design Group

Idea from Keith Baker Design Inc.

Idea from Candice Kentch Designs- Closet Factory