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Experience Portland’s 10 Greatest Mid-Century Family Room Ideas Authored by Top Pros

Looking to give your family room a mid-century modern makeover? Portland is the perfect place to find inspiration, as the city is home to a plethora of mid-century modern design enthusiasts. From furniture to lighting to art, Portland’s local professionals have all the ideas you need to give your family room a mid-century modern facelift. Here are the top 10 mid-century modern family room ideas from Portland’s local professionals that will have your family room looking like it came straight out of the ‘50s.

Idea from KuDa Photography

Idea from SBaird Design

Idea from Riverdell Construction, Inc.

Idea from WAKE design development


Idea from The Dawkins Group at KW Realty Portland Central

Idea from Twelve Chairs Interiors

Idea from Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Idea from Giulietti Schouten Weber Architects

Idea from Kraft Custom Construction

Idea from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

Idea from Rezide Design/Build