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Glimpse Into Old World Elegance: 22 Victorian Bedroom Ideas from New York

The Victorian era was one of the most elegant and luxurious times in history. It continues to be a source of inspiration for many today, and New York-based professionals have taken it to the next level when it comes to bedroom design. In this article, we take a look at 22 Victorian bedroom ideas, all straight from the experts in the city that never sleeps. From timeless dressing tables to ornate four poster beds, get ready to be inspired by the best of the best.

Idea from Laura Moss Photography

Idea from Brandon Schuster Photography

Idea from JAM Architecture

Idea from Interiors by Kelli

Idea from Blake H. Held, Architect, PLLC

Idea from L.A. Creative Finishes

Idea from TheBedroomSets

Idea from Decorienta Designer Drapery

Idea from Creative LifeStyle

Idea from Ideal Home Theaters of New Jersey

Idea from Treby Spanedda Interiors

Idea from R|HAUS Design

Idea from PBDW Architects

Idea from The Silver Peacock Inc

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