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Amazon’s 16 Hottest Outdoor Resin Storage Sheds Revealed

2. Rubbermaid Oasis: Weatherproof Resin Storage Facility, 32 Cubic Ft., Olive Steel/Sandstone for Versatile Outdoor Needs

Discover a storage solution with generous space, robust enough to safely secure your decorative pillows, patio cushions, pool chemicals, and other essentials. Crafted from UV resistant resin, it boasts a conceptual design free from rust, rot, or fading, with a unique lid that averts water seepage. Its universal design typifies a simple elegance with clean lines and neutral tones, seamlessly blending into any yard or patio. Additionally, the box lid doubles as extra seating for your convenience. With tough, impact-resistant flooring designed to withstand heavy items and accidental spills, the box offers long-lasting utility. Its double-wall construction provides extra strength and reliability, securing valuable tools and other equipment with ease. Available in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes, these boxes are the perfect storage solutions to keep your valuables secure while adding an attractive architectural element to your backyard. View Product Details on Amazon >>>

Promising review: “This large horizontal Rubbermaid Storage Shed is a high quality storage solution that may not require a town permit and is great for trash bins or small yard tools and equipment. My unit arrived in secure packaging and complete parts in perfect condition, although a couple pieces of injection molding plastic tabs remained after manufacture. After removing those tabs, assembly proceeded per the instructions. Having a second person available to assist with the parts helped tremendously. It is also important to have a firm and level foundation on which to assemble and place the shed. I constructed a shelf per the enclosed user instructions and it fit perfectly.” – Bill S. (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “The box says “assembles in 15 minutes” and “no tools required.” First thing I noticed in the brief instructions was, “Tools required: Rubber mallet.” This caused me to chuckle a bit but I found I didn’t need to use my mallet. Went together easy enough and probably in 15 minutes. I like it. The roof is not flat and does overhang an inch or so all around so there is no water that pools on top when it rains which is really nice. I haven’t had it long enough to notice if condensation on the inside is an issue or not but I’m not storing anything that I would worry about. I was really tempted to give this 5 stars but took one off because I would like to see a little more resistance on the front doors when lifting up the lid. Most times I just want to get in from the top but there is only a small detent that keeps the doors in place when the lid is open so at times it does open up the front when I am not wanting it too. That may be from me putting too many furniture cushions in it or not arranging them so they don’t push on the doors from the inside. All in all this is a good, sturdy storage bin and although I wish I had one with more room, this one fit and works very well with the space allowed.” – DWH (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “This is very easy to put together if you follow the instructions. Sturdy and easy to move. Will never rust! Important if you live in Florida.” – Forrest (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “Overall good quality product. Was easy to assemble. Flat surface a must, I used a base of permeable pavers. Also anchored floor and back with anchors set in a little concrete to meet local code.” – Robert Gordon (Source: Amazon)