I have read a number of reviews of this ladder shelf. They were a mix of good and bad reviews. The negative reviews could have stopped me from purchasing this, but I went with my instincts. I’m happy I did. The shelf turned out to be prettier than I imagined. However, as much as I love this shelf, I’d have to say that it was a pain to put together. Not everything went in and lined up easily. I didn’t have to drill any holes, though. You just need a little patience to get through. The cross bars in particular were difficult to assemble. My tip is that you shouldn’t tighten the screws all the way in until you have[…]

Assembly I took my time to put this together so I won’t mess anything up. I suggest you do the same. The assembly of this Sauder Harbor View library is a one-man job, but you will save time if you ask for an extra hand. The instructions are easy to understand, so you won’t have a hard time. I’m happy with the overall look of the bookshelf. It’s just as expected. I’ve had a lot of furniture from Amazon that have fallen short of my expectations, so I’m happy I found this one. The pieces fit together without a hitch. I can slide the drawer with ease. The cabinet doors open effortlessly and close without issues. Design At first look, the[…]

First Things First The box of our O&K vintage bookshelf arrived quite beaten up with a couple of dings here and there. Luckily, there was no visible damage to the parts. The pieces came wrapped with lots of foam so that’s not surprising. The shelf is easy to put together. I had no trouble lining up the holes with the pieces. The manufacturer even added a couple of extra bolts and nuts, just in case. What I Like The sleek metal frame is minimalist at its finest. It uses thin metal tubes that won’t obstruct your view of the items on the shelves. Don’t get me wrong though. The manufacturer made use of slender tubes without compromising the shelf’s stability.[…]

This Elmwood bookcase fits my office perfectly. My office had space in one corner that felt too empty. I didn’t want to simply hang a painting on the wall. I wanted to place something that is both stylish and functional. This bookshelf from Altra fit the bill. It has brightened up my dull office and added more room for my books. First Impression The bookcase arrived in perfect condition. There was no chip or scratch on the wood. It is easy to assemble too. The clear directions and labels were a big help. Make sure to pay attention to the dimensions written on Amazon. When I saw the end product, I thought that it looks shorter than it did on the[…]