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180 Pinterest Viral Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Tips

Outdoor cooking can be a brilliant alternative to the daily routine of indoor cooking. Barbecuing has occurred since the 50s, especially during the spring and summer. It’s of no surprise that barbecues are still popular because of the amazing texture, flavors, and aromas that you get from barbecuing.

In modern times, outdoor cooking features high-tech appliances with additional components that make expensive outdoor lifestyles effortless. But, before planning your outdoor kitchen design, consider the outlined tips to help you come up with your ideal design that will meet your needs.

Outdoor kitchen designs

Deciding on your outdoor kitchen style solely rests on you. Your lifestyle, available space and budget play a vital role when choosing a kitchen design. If you prefer a more high-end set up and you can afford it, you have more options to choose from.

However, if you’re the more laid back type, an outdoor bar and a grill that can also be used as a counter are good starting points.

What is the ideal space for an outdoor kitchen?

Smaller properties make it easier to set an outdoor kitchen and barbecue area in the most ideal spot. Having large properties may mean that the distance between your house to the outdoor kitchen may be too far. If you have a large property, place the outdoor kitchen and or barbecue as close to the house as possible for convenience.

Portable or permanent outdoor kitchen

If you permanently live where the outdoor kitchen and barbecue area, choose a suitable location with materials that blend with your yard design. You may find designs and plans for your DIY online. If you’re living somewhere temporarily, consider portable features and appliances.

Materials for an outdoor kitchen

When going for a permanent outdoor kitchen, it should match the style in your home exterior. Building materials like bricks or tile details should correspond to what was used for your house.


Having a budget is crucial, especially if you want to avoid overspending. The cost of designer services, tools, permits, and consultancy services should be included. Aim to keep the cost of appliances, materials, and labor as low as possible but never compromise on quality.

Cooking styles

When designing an outdoor kitchen, keep in mind the number of guests that you’ll be entertaining. Make sure the design your thinking off, includes how and where you will do your food prep.

Outdoor kitchens can comprise several features, from a charcoal grill, ovens, stoves, propane gas, or electric. Your preferred outdoor cooking technique will determine the appliances you have to add to your outdoor kitchen. For instance, you may love grilled food cooked over a charcoal barbecue or pizza cooked in an outdoor oven.

Environment and climate

If you live in regions that experience harsh weather, strategically position your outdoor kitchen. Avoid windy, shady, cold, or hot spots. Placing your kitchen or grill under a cover in rainy areas should be a great idea.

People living in mild climate areas can take full advantage of their outdoor kitchens or even ditch the indoor one. A bigger outdoor kitchen could be ideal.

Proper maintenance

A modest outdoor kitchen is sometimes the best as it will require little but proper maintenance. Before installing an outdoor kitchen, think of the effort required to maintain it or if you’ll have a helping hand as it can be an uphill task. Appliances and countertops also should be covered since they are outdoors.

Besides, looks, availability of materials, labor, size, budget and extent of your outdoor kitchen will affect your selection of materials.

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