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220 Eye Catching Front Yard Landscaping Ideas and Tips

Another side of stone and iron

An infusion of metalwork is complemented by an evergreen plant, blending well with the planter’s centre, and is highlighted by rich green potato vines and trailing flowers. If you are looking for a ground cover alternative, sweet potato vines are just the thing with its often-bright chartreuse green leaves. Metal planters drain efficiently, and therefore, you need not worry about potential rust stains.

Universal style

Being able to re-create asymmetrical and multi-tiered planting beds would keep you in touch with the grandeur and elegance of the old world.  While the tree at the epicentre is the focus point, the symmetric evergreen plants express both structure and order. Maintenance by carefully trimming the shrubs will ensure your bed looks in top shape.

Country estate, Petite style

The country estate style offers a landscaping choice for almost every home. It draws visitors to the home’s entryway by beautiful towering white rose bushes and boxwood that edge the front garden to give it a dramatic feel. The pansies planted in a thin line complement the thick carpet of small flowers that form a solid yet slightly colourful ground cover. 

An urban sanctuary

While it may be a considerable challenge to successfully landscape a yard in an urban area, it can replicate this urban landscaping in your suburban home. As expressed in this urban home, the yard’s look is enhanced by creating a small courtyard and a symmetrical hedge surrounding ferns and a stone planter. Some sense of security or confinement can be felt as it places the bigger plants towards the garden edges. In contrast, the middle of the garden opens up and allows ample light to be let in.

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