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120 Popular Shade Garden Designs and Tips

6. Pay attention to shadows cast by surrounding buildings and vegetations when adding new flower beds.

7. Bleeding heart, Rue anemone, Japanese primrose, shooting stars, violets, trillium are examples of early blooming shade plants.

8. Cyclamen thrive in shallow soil amidst tree roots. Also, when planting, be cautious as offhand digging damages tree roots. Since tree roots don’t compete with container gardens, container gardens flourish and add a pop of color to shady gardens. 

9. Bear’s breeches, Monkshood, Toad lilies, Yellow Wax Bells, and Willow Gentian are varieties of slowly blooming shade plants.

10. To enhance the aesthetic value of bare areas, where plants and grass won’t grow develop a mulch pathway. This will also cover the spot and improve the soil.