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Sharee from The Mom Hack Is a Master of DIY Home Designs

Sharee, founder of The Mom Hack, offers practical design ideas that make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. From rustic dining room tables accented with embroidered area rugs to bookshelves accented with small wicker plates and potted plants, you’ll see that making your home cozier is easier than you might think. Sharee also creates elaborate Christmas tree designs, complete with eye-catching ornaments, pearl garland, and frosted pine needles. Sharee has even created a fall-season tree with ornaments in autumn shades of red and orange and an array of pumpkins of various sizes accenting the base of the tree. Neutral shades are a staple in Sharee’s designs. She uses shades of brown that are similar to bales of hay, muted greens that look like tree leaves, and reddish-orange shades that are reminiscent of red clay dirt. These colors show up in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom designs that Sharee creates. She is also known for adding beautiful sliding doors to a room. The doors are wooden and include intricately carved designs that make the door as much of a conversation piece as the flower arrangements and intricately designed tables in the bedroom or living room.