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36 Scandinavian Dining Room Decor Ideas From Top Designers

Pretty Pinks

Eclectic pinks decorate this cozy Scandinavian dining room. A small antique table, sitting under a bowl lamp, is surrounded by mismatched modern chairs. The designer, @wunderblumen, keeps the decor minimalist yet interesting with abstract and mid-century wall-hangings.


@30qm_ chose all-over whites for this space that doubles as a dining and living room. The decor’s emphasis is on shape and texture over color; botanical and abstract art pieces in neutrals line the walls. Mid-century modern dining chairs seat four, with extra seating in the cozy corner filled with linens and pillows.

Breakfast Views

This breakfast nook in @noranilpferd’s German home provides a lovely view of the city streets outside. Fresh flowers and simple lines don’t detract from the view, and mismatched chairs keep meals casual and comfortable. Glassware is easily accessible from open shelving, and the room’s wood elements add classic charm.

Cozy Kitchen

@domnamazowszu’s dining space adds warmth to Scandinavian restraint. Black slat-backed chairs around a plank table are practical and welcoming. Butcher-block kitchen counters facilitate easy cleanup, and the white walls and backsplash let black fixtures, such as the warm lighting, stand out.

Modern Lines

Light pours onto the herringbone floors of @golden.home.mb’s dining and living room. Dotted with potted plants and natural textures, the room welcomes guests to a large table with classic Scandinavian chairs and a bench for extra seating. A u-shaped sofa adds definition between the spaces, and personal touches include accents like unique light fixtures and framed travel posters.

Comfortable Creams

@ellefotografie takes a soft approach to Scandinavian minimalism. Simple in design but luxurious in tones and comfort, shades of cream show up on the dining tablecloth, chair cushions, stool, and pillows. Subtle wall-hangings complement the simplicity of the natural elements throughout the space.

Other Popular Designs

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