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32 Latest Kitchen Remodel Design Ideas From Top Dallas Contractors

The kitchen is the most utilized room in a home, alongside the living room. As such, it may require occasional remodeling, allowing you to upgrade your unit to the latest aesthetically inspired styles and technologically updated appliances. Here are 32 remodel design ideas you can use to recreate your space and make it as functional as you possibly can.

Appliance Camouflage

This unique, large cabinets kitchen concept by USI Design & Remodeling will camouflage your appliances, keeping them out of sight while giving you extra storage space. The design gives a feel of decluttering, opening up your space suitably. The color scheme of pure white lacquer and black licorice is set to blend in with existing furniture in a complementary style.

Calmingly Classic

Traci Connell Interiors has designed this kitchen unit with peace and calm in mind. The mix of hues gently colors the space and sets your mood into creativity. Wall cabinets ensure that you have adequate storage space without filling up the room excessively. The island in the middle sets an ideal setting for a meal and food preparation.

Nature & Elegance

The brown pigmentation of the lampshades and stools creates a connection to nature, with the stainless-steel appliances adding a touch of elegance in this kitchen remodel by House Sprucing. The layout of cabinets combines well with the white backsplash, giving off a sense of freshness and cleanliness.

Earth Connection

The floor tiles, lampshades, flower vase, island, and stools all connect you back to earth and makes you feel like you are taking a nature walk. Urbanology Designs combine this earth connection with white cabinets complimenting the white backsplash, allowing you to add any type of flowers to add a touch of color to the setup.

Longitudinal Comfort

Geshtalt Homes gently harmonize a longitudinal space with an abundance of shelves and cabinets. The golden handles elegantly complement the shades of white and brown hues, adding a luxurious feel. The space can cater to a vast number of guests.

Earth, Wind & Fire

The combination of colors creates an energetic mix of emotions in this Jessica Koltun Home kitchen remodel. Earth is experienced in the island support, tiles, and stools, whereas wind is felt in the white cabinets, and the black hue of the stand-alone cabinet gives off the feel of the effects of fire – ashes.

Granite Dynamite

This dynamic use of granite by Ellen Grasso & Sons is luxuriously tantalizing; you can almost already taste the meals yet to be cooked in this elegant remodel. The granite table tops complement the white cabinets and stainless-steel appliances, giving off a sense of perfection.

Drastic Rustic

The brown panels on the ceiling add a dramatic effect to the similar tiles and island support designed by Rosewood Custom Builders. The combination of white cabinets and brown shelves adds a drastic rustic effect to the entire space, providing a thoughtful kitchen remodel.

Blissfully White

Kitchen Design Concepts has intricately designed this blissfully white kitchen with a touch of gold on the cabinet handles, towel holder on the tabletop and lamp supports. It gives the kitchen an ambitiously luxurious feel and provides the sensation of a well-aired room.

Cosy & Cute

The geometrically designed lanterns add a twist to this cozy and cute kitchen remodel unit from Tanner Homes. The brown wood floor compliments the island’s dark hue and white tabletop to blend in with the white cabinets.

Doll House

The V Fine Homes kitchen remodel resembles a dollhouse with all its innocence and simplicity. The light hues in this open kitchen space make it feel easier for different personalities to meet and dine in the same space. The chandelier centerpiece seems like a crown atop a castle, completing the dollhouse look adequately.

Country Banter

Hudson Construction Group has designed this kitchen remodel that makes one feel like they are in the country having a pleasant banter with loved ones. The grey and brown hues blend magically with the stainless-steel appliances, complemented by the recessed-panel cabinets. The chairs and floor seem like they are cut from the same cloth, a magical existence.