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7 Top Bedroom Floor Lamps in Canada, According To Amazon

When it comes to lighting, the bedroom floor lamp is a great choice for illuminating your space. Floor lamps are better than ceiling lights because they can be positioned where and how you want them. You can also purchase a stand-alone lamp or two that will give off just enough light to read by without being too bright and distracting.

In this article, we’ll talk about seven of the best bedroom floor lamps in Canada according to Amazon so that you can find one perfect for your needs!

7. DLLT 3-Light Standing Floor Lamp

The DLLT 3-Light Standing Floor Lamp is a perfect addition to your bedroom, living room, or office. This lamp was designed to deliver brighter light and provide better illumination for reading, writing, crafting, sewing, and more. It comes with three independently controlled lights that can be adjusted separately by rotating the knob on each of the lights.

You will also love how easy it is to adjust the height of this floor lamp, thanks to its telescoping pole. The design of this standing floor lamp allows you to focus light exactly where you need it while providing ambient lighting that makes it easier to see your surroundings.

The floor lamp is made of metal, which offers durable and sturdy construction that will withstand the test of time. The frosted plastic cover on the bulb ensures there are no harmful UV rays emitted from this standing floor lamp while also diffusing light for greater viewing comfort.

With its 4.3/5 ratings on Amazon and #10 ranking in the floor lamps category, it’s also currently the most popular floor lamp with a 3-light setup.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“I was looking for something to brighten up my craft room and this fit the bill perfectly! It’s a little pricey for just a metal lamp with plastic shades, but the flexible arms make it worth it for me. Being able to adjust where the light points is extremely helpful. Plus it’s really sturdy. If you’re looking for a reading lamp or a craft lamp like me, this one is perfect!” – Ashlee

“I ordered one of these lamps for my guest room, then liked it so much that I ordered two more. The lamp is easy to assemble, very bright, and light enough to easily move it around the room depending on current need. One of the second two I ordered was defective in that the top did not screw tightly into the pole. I emailed customer service and was extremely pleased with their rapid courteous service. I now have a replacement lamp and did not have the hassle of repacking and returning the defective one. I would definitely order from this company again.” – Pat

“Packaged well and easy to assemble, only took 5 minutes. It is a perfect fit for my space and I’m happy with my purchase.” – Shelly Farvour

6. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

The Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp has close to 7,000 reviews with 4.5 stars and above on average. It is also ranking at #11 in the category for floor lamps on Amazon. This lamp comes in 7 metallic colors to match your decor, and it also features a dimmer switch for added versatility.

This lamp is made from high-quality materials, which make it very durable and long-lasting while also being easy to maintain.

The lamp has a range of color temperature settings so you can adjust the warmth or coolness of the light to your liking. This capability allows for there to be an optimal setting in any situation! It is raged the most popular industrial style LED floor lamp on Amazon.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“(1) It’s BRIGHT. At 2800 lums and its ceiling-reflective design, one lamp lights up an entire room which is especially helpful in the Pacific Northwest. I have one on one side of the bedroom and [for the first time] can clearly see all the variations of dark clothes in my closet on the other side. Also, can step down the brightness, and turn on/off without groping for a floor switch. (2) The design is, well, let’s call it minimal. At this price point, it’s a good option if one definitely doesn’t want quaint looking lampshade lamps. It’s really the utilitarian wallflower of lamps. (3) Both metal pins for the plug are the same size, so it can be plugged in upside down on a wall outlet or fit more easily into a crowded power bar. No small thing.” – kattttttt

“Absolutely LOVE this lamp!!! So warm and so easy to put together. My room was so dark before I got this, and it adds such a nice feel to be able to work at my desk at night with this light on. The dimming function is super helpful! 10000% recommend!” – Adi

“AMAZING! Seriously though. This is incredible!! I’ve been debating if I should get a west elm sconce or this and I finally decided on this lamp and I have zero regrets!! Like many of you I live in New York in an apartment where there is lots of glass windows and zero overhead lighting. This lamp is a game changer!! 4 different brightness levels, totally solid, and so sleek you hardly notice it! I would for sure recommend. I included a before and after picture with the lamp on full strength and off.” – Cape039

5. EMBEELLAGE Corner Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for an absolute minimalistic design for your bedroom, EMBEELLAGE’s corner floor lamp is your best option. You simply can’t go more minimalistic than this. This table lamp fits perfectly into any corner and provides a soft ambient light that will illuminate the entire room.

This floor lamp comes in black warm light and multicolored for gamers and RGB lovers. It also features 50,000 hours of light and makes the room feel warm with its ambient glow.

The lamp is made from high-quality materials, which make it very durable and long-lasting while also being easy to maintain.

Currently, this lamp is also the best multicolor floor lamp on Amazon.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“Amazing Product ! I love this lamp I can turn my mood into any thing I wanted to, it’s great. I read the reviews and wanted to check the brightness of the light and it’s amazing check out the red light I tested in the video. You cannot actually see it’s red but the glow is too bright that the camera couldn’t pick up the Color red.” – Prime

“This lamp is absolutely cool! You can cycle colours and patterns or display a solid colour using the provided remote. Here it is in my living room behind a plant in the corner, looks great” – coludan

“Very well made, very easy assembly and bigger then it looked in the pic ( bonus). There was issues with shipping and the seller responded in minutes and was on it with daily updates until it arrived. Would highly recommend 5 star.” – Rick B

4. DEWENWILS LED Modern Floor Lamp

DEWENWILS LED modern floor lamp is a great choice for your bedroom, living room, study room, or office. With the latest technology of LED light source, the lamp has passed CE/RoHS certification and meets international safety standards. The design is modern and elegant with a touch of simplicity.

You can use it in various places such as home, hotel, or office to create a warm atmosphere. It’s also an ideal gift for friends and family members on birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions.

The lamp features a 3-level brightness control switch. This floor lamp is currently ranked at #11 in its category, and it is currently the most popular industrial-style LED floor lamp on Amazon.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“Good quality! Item came packaged well and the glass dome protected with styrofoam and cardboard.
The base is heavy – the lamp won’t tip over easily. I use the lamp as bedside lighting but is adequate to light up the whole room! And not to mention, it looks great and really adds to the decor. Would recommend!” – Jade Alino

“I love the style this add to my room. More than that, it was extremely easy to put together. It also is not lightweight the way some floor lamps are, so it wouldn’t be easy to tilt over.” – TJ723

“I love this lamp it’s the perfect piece for my living room and gives just the right amount light.” – Sam

3. Globe Electric Barden Floor Lamp

You’re looking for a floor lamp, but you don’t want to spend too much. You’re not looking for any particular design style, just something simple and basic that will work with your decor. This is the one!

The Globe Electric Barden Floor Lamp offers clean lines and a standard black and white finish that blends in well with most decors. The 100-watt incandescent bulb provides plenty of light without being overbearing.

This elegant lamp comes with a 5-foot cord, so you can place it anywhere on your living room or bedroom floor.
The Globe Electric Barden Floor Lamp offers clean lines and a standard black and white finish that blends in well with most home decor.

This floor lamp features close to 90% of positive reviews that are 4-star or higher on Amazon, and it has earned the Amazon’s Choice award because of its high quality.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“Super super cute farmhouse look! BUT make sure to read the height! It’s shorter than I expected. It’s my fault for not measuring to see what it would look like, but it will be moved to my bedroom over my nightstand so I can reach it at night to turn off. I will buy another just like this but taller for my living room!” – makenzie andrews

“Bought one identical to this from a store. Same price. The only diff between the two is the Amazon lamps shade is off white as opposed to bright white like the other one i purchased. These lamps for the price are amazing! Put together in literally in five minutes!! I would definitely buy again.” – Anna

“This is perfect for what we needed it for. I love that the shade can be tilted which is great for when reading a book and needing light slightly more forward. Good value for the money.” – S. Manning

2. Simple Designs Etagere Shelf Floor Lamp

Simple Designs Etagere Shelf Floor Lamp is a floor lamp with shelves. It has a height of 52-inches, and it comes in various colors, such as black, white, brown, and red. The lamp has an adjustable arm that you can move in the direction you want. This way, you can direct the light to where you need it most.

It’s the ideal floor lamp for small spaces, and it’s a bookshelf and floor lamp making it multifunctional and very useful.

With this floor lamp, there are no more problems with storage space because it also serves as a bookshelf! You can place books or magazines on top of the shelves and use them as your nightstand while reading before you go to bed.

The lamp is made of wooden materials, and it comes with a stand for the base. It has an antique brass finish that gives it a classic look, perfect for any bedroom in your home!

The Simple Designs Etagere Shelf Floor Lamp has close to 8,000 reviews, with more than 80% of them being 4-stars or higher. This is the second bestselling floor lamp on Amazon.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“Assembling was very easy. Everything fit into place. The lamp is very sturdy and stands tall. The shelves came in very handy. I could put photo frames on it. The white color matched perfectly with my door. One weird thing was that it came with only 1 cable tie. Attaching the power cable with cable ties would have looked ugly, So I used white scotch tape to fix the power cable on the side, out of sight. The lamp looks gorgeous with a 10w bulb giving the room some low ambient lighting.” – S. Shaham

“Love it. Very sleek design, sturdy if assembled correctly. Instructions are easy to follow however instructions were not necessary. Took me 10 minutes per unit to build.” – Casey Anna-Lisa D’Aguiar

1. TaoTronics Modern LED Floor Lamp

The TaoTronics Modern LED Floor Lamp features adjustable color temperature and brightness, and if you are looking for a simple design for your living room, bedroom, or home office, this floor lamp just might be the one.
The TaoTronics LED floor lamp provides the perfect blend of functionality and style with its modern design. With three brightness levels and five adjustable color temperatures to choose from, this energy-saving LED lamp is ideal for reading, working, or relaxing in your living room or bedroom.

The simple design makes it a great addition to any office setting as well. It comes with a detachable base that can be used as a free-standing floor lamp.

The lamp is a good way to create some mood lighting in your home without investing too much time or money. This floor lamp comes highly rated with close to 2,000 reviews, and 93% of them have 4-stars or higher. This is one of the most loved and best-selling floor lamps on Amazon.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“I have greatly enjoyed this lamp. I do a lot of sewing, and needed an additional light. This lamp is very easy to assemble, it fits nicely at the side of my sewing table, and has different settings for the type and amount of light. I am very happy with it.” – Fran

“Love this lamp! I like that there are four different temperatures from warm to cool. I also like that I can adjust each temperature from Dim to bright. Very easy to assemble, very sturdy and well made. It works great for doing my nails, reading my books and doing my crafts.” – Ashley K.

“I love this lamp. I use it mainly for when I do my nails, but also if I need a little extra light in the room I’ve been working in the last few months since Covid. The room doesn’t have a ton of light so I bought this and I love the different colors and brightness. It’s good quality, sturdy, and the top part can be adjusted/moved around.” – Kelsey