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32 Latest Kitchen Remodel Design Ideas From Top Dallas Contractors

Aqua Blue

The aqua blue concept creates the feel of a completely safe space in this Signature Home Services kitchen remodel masterpiece. The downlighters are strategically placed to enhance certain features of the kitchen and the wooden and metal chairs combine the browns and blues ever so delicately. The stainless-steel appliances are a lovely addition, welcoming the balance.

Browny Downy

The politely brown kitchen remodel designed by LoneStar Design Build stands apart from everything else. The eat-in kitchen area blends perfectly with the mosaic tile backsplash oozing earthly browns. The stainless-steel appliances are strategically placed to complement the floor and granite countertops.

Green Gleam

Green is a color that indicates freshness, growth, and newness and this is well depicted in this kitchen remodel designed by Traver Construction. The color mix ensures that neither color envelopes the other but instead blends in like roots would in the earth. The backsplash and floor merge perfectly in similarity with a green island to match the wall and ceiling shades of green.

Classic Yet Simple

This kitchen remodels design by Smith & Ragsdale Interior Design is a perfect example of how simple classic can be. The chairs by the island are simple yet seem comfy and match the white island, complimenting the white stone-tiled backsplash. The paneled appliances sit intricately alongside the white cabinets, completing the white kitchen feel, letting any addition of flower or photo stand out.

Magnificent & Vast

This magnificently wide kitchen space is what many would dream of. Giving an unsure feel of whether it is commercial or residential due to its size, it is tastefully created by Bellisa Design. The wooden parquets on the ceiling blend in with the beige floor. The grey cabinets, matching island, and stainless-steel appliances provide elegance. The marble countertops are like the icing on a cake.

Squarely Spiral

SPRUILL Remodel has designed this delicately unique kitchen to give off a squarely spiral feel, brought by the lampshades design and the chairs by the table. The undermount sink is a lovely addition to the ceramic and white backlash, merging with the white cabinets and carefully placed stainless-steel appliances.

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