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80 Pinterest Viral Mid-Century Modern Living Room Designs You Should Definitely Check Out

If you like mid-century modern décor, then you will want to see these top pins from Pinterest. Mid-century modern replicates furnishings from 1933 to 1965. Some people actually limit the time period to furnishings from the 1950s. Its roots are in the German Bauhaus style. Suburban expansion after WWII created a larger demand for new furnishings, and mid-century modern décor became popular.

Mid-century modern décor features simple organic and geometric lines. It isn’t highly ornamented, and with a Scandinavian influence, it creates an open and airy feel. The design of mid-century modern furniture is determined by the purpose of the piece. Creators from this period used traditional materials such as wood, glass, metal, and vinyl as well as newly created materials such as plywood, plastic, Lucite, and Plexiglass. The colors used included black, white, other neutral colors, and bright splashes of color.

Mid-Century Modern Décor With a Southwestern Flair

Sofas in mid-century modern décor have wooden legs to lift them off the floor making them feel lighter than a traditional sofa. The lines of the furnishings are simple and clean. The designs of the woven rug, woven pillows, and woven artwork leaning against the wall are geometric, which is often used in mid-century modern décor. The plants are accents that also are used with mid-century modern décor. The primary black and white color focus with the orange accents of the sofa and the hassock is a typical color scheme for this décor style.

An Upscale and Sophisticated Living Room With Mid-Century Modern Décor

Upscale, sophisticated, and elegant are words that describe this living room. The shades of grey with the white create the elegant feel. The gold chair and pillow add a splash of color. The simple, clean lines of the furnishings adds to the elegance of the room. The overall effect creates a spacious feel.

This Living Room Says Family Gathering Place

The mid-century modern furniture in this living room is arranged and accessorized to create a casual feel with the focus on the fireplace. It invites you to sit down and relax. The uniqueness of furnishings, such as the brown chair in the foreground, is often a surprise element in mid-century modern décor. The long cabinet that can be used as a TV stand and for storage is standard in this décor style. The plants add color and create a more personal effect.

Go Boho With Mid-Century Modern Décor

The simple, clean lines of mid-century modern furniture is a great background for building a boho décor style living room. Color was added by the blue walls, the colorful rug, and the yellow hanging lamp. The large, white, woven, high-backed chair blends in but also helps create the boho feel. The woven pattern is repeated on the edge of the coffee table and the woven plant holder. The room is accessorized with plants, throw pillows, and an eclectic collection of items.

Airy Mid-Century Modern Furnishings Work Well in Small Spaces

With the traditional legs that lift mid-century modern furniture off of the floor, this large, traditional-look, L-shaped sofa doesn’t overpower the small space. There is even room to add a coffee table, and bookshelf without visually cluttering the space. This living room provides plenty of seating for your family and friends and surface space for keeping track of essentials. So, consider mid-century modern furniture for small spaces.

Mid-Century Modern Décor That Creates a Visual Impact

This living room shows how minimal furnishings can create a visual impact even in a small space. With a color scheme of grey, brown and white, and just a sofa, rug, coffee table, lamp, and two pictures, this living room is striking. The throw pillows add interest to the sofa. This living room idea shows how you can use mid-century modern décor to decorate an apartment on a small budget.

A Formal and Traditional-Style Living Room With Mid Century Modern Décor

With the formal balance around the fireplace that is the focal point of this living room, the room has a formal, traditional feel even with the seemingly casual mid-century modern furniture. The choice of the upscale materials and patterns of the furnishings as well as the lines and minimal décor enhances the formal feel. However, the mid-century modern furniture helps make the room inviting.

Mid-Century Modern Décor With an Upscale Traditional Look

Many may think that mid-century modern furniture creates a more casual décor. However, it depends on the materials, colors, and how you style the furnishings. This blue, tufted, L-shaped sofa uses a woven fabric that creates an upscale feel. The additional furnishings aren’t too numerous and complement the sofa in a subdued manner. The result is a “less is more” upscale effect.

Mid-Century Modern Décor With “Personality”

This living room proudly declares this is who I am or who we are. While the green sofa, side chair, and coffee table may seem mismatched, they blend with the overall feel of the room when combined with the other eclectic furnishings. The winking pillow is the first clue that this room is decorated to fit the personality of the inhabitants. The clock and the artwork on the wall requires scrutiny as well as the contents of the bookcase. Eventually, you may even notice that the leaf pillow matches the leaf on the plant in the corner.

A Subtle Boho Living Room With Mid-Century Modern Décor

In this living room, the mid-century modern furniture provides plenty of seating. Yet, as in the Boho décor style, additional seating is provided by a hassock, floor pillows, and large throw pillows that can be used as floor pillows. It also includes other boho influences such as a throw by the fireplace, two layered rugs, a woven basket, plenty of plants, a unique hanging lamp, a unique table lamp, and four tables including the irregular-shaped table in the foreground. However, it is a subtle version of boho that uses a neutral color scheme.

A Stylish Living Room With Mid Century Modern Décor

The mid-century modern furnishings in this room have an upscale feeling creating a stylish, traditional living room. The materials of the sofa and the rug appear top quality. The coffee table and the long cabinet display quality workmanship. The diamond pattern is a bit of light ornamentation, but it adds to the upscale style. The artwork adds more upscale class to the room. The simplicity of the décor adds to the overall effect.

A 1950s Style Living Room With Mid-Century Modern Décor

This living room is styled as it would have been in the 1950s. The room is simply decorated with few furnishings, such as no floor covering, just like mid-century modern furniture is unadorned. The idea was to have a “modern” uncluttered look that was the opposite of the previous ornamental, substantial furnishings.

The Light and Airiness of Mid-Century Modern Furnishings

While this living room doesn’t have much space between the furnishings, the features of the mid-century modern furniture make the room feel light and airy. You can almost feel a breeze in the room. The white curtains, white color scheme, and plants help create the breezy feel. However, the style of the furniture and the visible open space created by the legs adds to the airy feel.

An Upscale Living Room for Small Spaces

With mid-century modern furniture, you can create a fully furnished living room like this in a small space without the feeling of crowding. This room offers a sofa, two chairs, a coffee table, a side table, and a serving cart providing room for entertaining and conversation. Plants and artwork are added to give the living room style. More traditional furniture would seem heavy and crowded.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Helps Create Conversation Groupings

Mid-century modern chairs are so visually and physically lightweight that they can be placed by an L-shaped sofa like this to create discussion areas. This allows for room to entertain. The double-layered rugs help define the area, and there is still room for a coffee table everyone can use. The coffee table and the buffet in the background indicate that mid-century modern furniture can be mixed with antiques, flea market finds, and shabby chic furnishings.