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32 Scandinavian Kitchen Designs that Offset Modern Minimalism with Whimsy and Coziness

Scandinavian design is characterized by neutral palettes like white walls that are offset by warm natural wood veneers and furniture. Clean lines and minimalist decor are the underlying concepts. Accents would include light-colored paint such as pastel hues, and a whimsical decorative piece or two to soften the look and add an artistic touch. Scandinavian kitchen design follows these basic thumb rules and could include touches like a distinct backsplash and modern light fixtures to add some pop and contrast.

Black, white and warm wood

This minimalist kitchen is decorated in white, black and brown tones with light hints of greenery. White walls and shelves contrast with black fixtures.
The chocolate brown wooden counter breaks up the black-and-white tone and spells warmth and functionality. Small and simple artistic pieces soften the clean contemporary lines of this space.


Bright and sunny with rustic charm

This kitchen is an exercise in sharp contrasts. While the walls and countertops are bright white and the geometric metallic fixtures and accessories are modern, unpainted wooden beams on the ceiling bring a warm rusticity to the space. They bring the outdoors in, by matching the verdant view of the backyard, while the white enhances the ample sunshine pouring in.


Cozy austerity

This compact kitchen is made up entirely of black and white tones and sharp well-defined lines. Small touches of foliage in the form of plants in pretty planters break up the austere look. The clear globular pendant lights are functional and unobtrusive and continue the sleek and modern theme while preserving the airy uncluttered look of the space.


Sleek and functional

This space is distinctly divided in two by a lower black portion and an upper white section. While the countertops, appliances and cabinetry are done entirely in black, the white walls above offer a sharp contrast. Black wire cubbies elevate the storage space to the wall and reduce clutter. Curios are displayed on an open shelf, a concept that maintains the airy uncluttered look while adding a homespun vibe. Sleek black barstools and abstract black-and-white prints continue the contemporary style.


Zentangle backsplash

This kitchen combines a sleek modern concept with a homey vibe. The clean look of white walls and cabinetry is juxtaposed with the busy pattern of an eye-catching tile backsplash. The unpainted wooden countertop adds warmth to the white walls and veneers, black and steel appliances and grey floor. Its tone is reflected in the woven wood window shade. Wall signs add whimsy to the space. Open and minimalist storage spaces are wall-mounted to reduce clutter.


Bright and geometric

This kitchen is the epitome of a clean Scandinavian design and functionality. The entire room is laid out in perpendicular lines, the sheer geometry of which is the focus of the space. The abundant storage is in the form of recessed modular cabinets with no visible hardware. The color scheme is black, white and steel for a modern look. Every piece of furniture and accessory is geometric, including the cylindrical steel chimney. A few sheaves of colorful leaves and a furry throw bring some sharp contrast to the neutral clean background.


Sleek and severe

This kitchen is an example of sheer austerity. The tone of the space is black-and-white with no exceptions and it is designed purely in straight lines. A clear demarcation of the space into a black lower half and a white upper half creates a stern modern look. Cabinets abound but are barely discernible by virtue of their being recessed and lacking hardware.


Homespun charm

The clean straight lines and the white and wood scheme of this space incorporate the thumb rules of Scandinavian design. While the overall design is simple and minimalist, including the modern pendant lights and counter stools, the decor is organized chaos in the best possible way. An entire wall of open shelves displays an array of vintage kitchen items that are neatly arranged and create visual interest. They add a huge dollop of homey comfort to the otherwise modern vibe.