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Boho Wnętrze Makes a Room Come Alive with Soft Colors and Stand-Out Textures

Pienka, also known as Boho Wnętrze, knows how to combine wood, crochet patterns, tapestry, and plants to create a room that has both elegance and bohemian charm. She loves the winter season, and this is evident in the way she decorates the living room with small pine trees and accents the dining room table with crocheted placemats and coasters. She also uses table centerpieces accented with pine cones small white candles to accentuate the beauty of the winter season and isn’t afraid to use string lights on the walls to give the dining area a more intimate feel. Pienka’s use of uniquely designed throw pillows with eye-catching prints or shapes adds visual interest to the room as well. In addition to neutral colors like tan, light brown, and off white, Pienka also uses metallic colors like silver, platinum, and bronze for armchairs, throw blankets, and bedding to bring the room’s color scheme together.