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Ania Creatively Combines Pattern and Color In Her Decor

Ania knows how to use home decor to make any room cozier. She uses area rugs with a simple but noticeable pattern to contrast a hardwood floor and bring out the color of the signature furniture piece in the room. Clean white walls are part of Ania’s decor aesthetic as well since the start walls can make a room appear a little larger, and it’s the perfect canvas for black and white or sepia framed photos. Plant and flower arrangements add natural charm to the home; small potted pine trees line the wooden staircase and a colorful flower bouquet is an ideal accent for the bedroom dresser. Ania also sees the beauty of distressed wood, and leaves the vintage wooden kitchen door intact, along with the surrounding paneling, to give the kitchen and dining area a rustic look. She makes the most of the space in a room by installing shelves on the walls to house books, pictures, and small potted plants. Ania loves decorating bedrooms in neutral hues and adding a pop of color. For instance, her white and gold bedroom is accented with green plants and throw pillows, and a red holly berry flower arrangement to add a festive element to the space. She even uses the neutral color scheme in the baby nursery. Amidst brown furniture and wallpaper, she uses a blue crib as the element of color that brings the look of the room together.