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Mindy’s House is as Eccentric as It is Reflective of Her Bright Personality

Mindy is a designer and content creator in love with bold designs.

Her house is reflective of her bright personality in the best way possible. Organic shapes and eclectic design are balanced by a contrasting color scheme and consistent texture.

The living room, although almost overwhelming to the viewer at first, is brought together by a consistent, velvety texture. Round shapes draw the eyes through the doorway and the room. Pink tones unite the array of unique objects and eclectic belongings. Mindy’s personality truly shines through in the living room and every other room of the house.

The bedroom continues this texture theme. The bedsheets and rug have a velvety texture clear even in pictures. The angled roof and bold shapes throughout the room add interest while keeping to the pink-toned theme.

Even the bathroom has its share of velvety texture; the rug is plush. Although the bathroom is mainly natural tones, there are still pink-toned objects to connect this room to the other rooms in the house.

Although it may be overwhelming for some, Mindy’s personality shines through in her amazing house, something many people aim to replicate in their own homes.