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Martyna Adds Exotic Flare to Each Room In the Home

Martyna has the ability to make each room in the house look like its own vacation villa. The elaborate wicker accents surrounding the wall mirror in the all-white bedroom and the potted ferns in vases made with tribal designs situated on the hardwood floor will make you feel like you’re spending time in your summer home no matter the time of year. The lush green of the plants and the pronounced tan color of the wicker contrast with the stark white bedding and artwork in the room. Shades of brown and bronze are also evident in Martyna’s designs. These hues appear in the ottomans and wicker throw pillows, as well as the sofas and chairs that are accented with white cushions. Wicker light fixtures are another noticeable piece the Martyna includes in the bedroom and study area. A patterned area rug in an all-white room adds texture to the room and complements the hardwood floors beautifully. Martyna uses rugs that display stripes and geometric shapes but makes sure the rugs are also neutral in color to complement tan, white, or light gray sofas. Velvet throw pillows on the couches give the room a relaxed sense of elegance and patterned throw pillows in various shapes instantly make the room more welcoming, so friends and family will feel comfortable relaxing on the couch and enjoying quality time together.