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80 Breathtakingly Blue Bedroom Wall Designs for Inspiration

When you’ve chosen the color blue for your bedroom, it goes beyond just painting the walls in a particular tone. You’ve also got to take your windows, bed, dresser, and other furniture pieces into account. It might not be easy to determine the best style for this color that suits you. That’s why you can start getting your ideas from many incredible examples online. Below are 20 blue bedroom wall designs that are among the most popular on Pinterest. These photos can help open your eyes and imagination to what your sleeping chamber can become.

Brings Out the Bed

This room shows that you don’t have to paint all four of your walls blue to make an impact. The deep shade of this hue helps to accentuate the bed. If it were a white wall, the bedding would blend into the background.

Complementary Colors

This photo is one of the pins that also comes with a color palette on the bottom. If you’re painting your wall blue, you’ll have a better idea of which furniture and decorations to add based on color. The room in this picture says calm and contemporary.

Bold and Adventurous

Deeper colors can give off a daring look. In combination with the right furniture and aesthetics, it could feel like you’re in an exotic location all your own. The hanging lightbulbs and the bed-side lamps provide an atmosphere labeled “Tinkerer Inventor.”

24/7 Night

The color palette of this bedroom scheme is a gradient. That brings a sense of order to the area and, by extension, a calm atmosphere. It feels similar to a quiet summer night, making this setup great for those who prefer the evening to the day.

Slightly Nature-Inspired

Adding a little bit of an extra color can make a noticeable difference. The color palette is similar to the last photo, but the hues are faintly more saturated. It’s the addition of the leafy-decor that helps make this bedroom look more than a blue and white setup.

Magically Artistic

A previous photo on this list is named “24/7 Night,” but this wall design does more than make you feel like it’s continuously evening in your sleeping chamber. The breathtaking beauty of this creation is for those who love the sight of the night sky. It’s a beautiful way of utilizing multiple blue shades on one wall, allowing you to be more flexible on which variations of this color you can apply to the different furniture and bedding.

Textured Ceiling

Sometimes the design of something else can help you determine which tone of a hue works best in a room. In this photo, for example, the ceiling texture has a pattern reminiscent of a calm atmosphere. The bedroom wouldn’t be the same if the walls were a darker or more saturated blue shade.

Different-Colored Accents

The wall color in this picture is more of a bluish-gray, but it still matches the other hues in the room. More specifically, the pink and teal accents bring a little life into the area. The bedroom would look rather dull without them.

Small Office in Bedroom

One way to know what color you want to paint your walls is to ask yourself what other activities you’ll be doing in your bedroom besides sleep. In the case of this room, there looks to be a small office set up near the beautifully curtained windows. The walls’ colors allow for a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for both a working and sleeping environment.

Daisy-Chain Design

Having colors lead from one part of a room to another can give off a satisfying, uniform arrangement. The dresser’s flowers match the flower pattern on the bedding while the dark blue color on that same bed matches the shade on the walls. The diagonal wooden linings are also a nice touch.

The Floor is Part of the Composition

Often, people don’t take the texture or color of the floor into consideration when designing an area. In this bedroom, though, much of the furniture and decorations match the hue of the bottom of this dwelling. The floor’s color could be a good inspiration for finding the right shade of blue for the wall.

Mixing Elegance with Casual

This room features a chandelier along with some chic designs on the bedding and pillows. Combined with the dark blue wall, certain features make this area look fancy. There’s also a casual air to this room, because of the couch and wooden floors.

One Color Allows for More

The wall in this photo has a shade of blue that doesn’t appear anywhere else. That can be beneficial for those who like to change their minds about decorating their room. The teal and tan accents look good in this picture.

Make the Room Look Bigger

Because the wall is a deep solid blue without any decorations, it makes the ceiling look higher. This room’s design is humble, with a low bed, wooden arrangements, and a standing lamp. The white used for the composition in this photo makes the radiator look like it’s part of the entire style.

Adding Coziness to a Small Room

Even though the first things you might notice are the tall bed spires and the chained starfish light fixture, the blue walls help bring the area together. A small room can usually feel cramped and anxiety-inducing. The smooth shade of blue on the wall help add a sense of calmness to the atmosphere.