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90 Absolutely Stunning Pinterest Home Design Ideas to Make You Want to Decorate Your Space

Beautiful rooms and areas in a person’s home do not just happen overnight. Gathering ideas from sites such as Pinterest can help even the most seasoned home décor expert gain some valuable decorating ideas. Looking over the most popular design photos can be invaluable even if you think you have all your design elements already picked out.

Festive Coffee Bar

This coffee bar area is perfect for Christmastime, or change out the peppermint cocoa, candy cane sticks and sugar bowl, and you can repurpose it for any time of the year. The sugar bowl is so adorable and adds the perfect seasonal touch to the bar. The hammered copper mugs are also perfect for hot cocoa or flavored coffees.

Botanical Mudroom

Everything coordinates well in this fresh-looking mudroom or foyer. The paint shade on the lower section of the wall goes perfectly with the beautiful wallpaper above. The flower prints add a beautiful botanical feature, and hooks provide storage to hang coats, purses and shopping bags. The beautiful light fixture hanging above also adds a stylish magic to the room.

Comfy and Cozy Bedroom

This bedroom looks cozy, comfy and trendy. The wreath above the bed adds a bit of shabby chicness to the room. Matching lamps are just the right height to balance out the room. The rug is also perfectly coordinated with the room style.

Modern Laundry Room

This is the perfect laundry room because it is functional and stylish at the same time. The wallpaper brings a certain level of understated attention to the room, and the plants add natural features. There is a space for clothing hangers to go, and that makes this area more functional. The wooden block beside the dryer is a great area for folding clothes, and the laundry soap container is also exactly what this room needs.

Midcentury Modern Vanity

This vanity area is proof that you do not always need gemstones and glitter to make an area look elegant and put together. The furniture has a strong hint of midcentury modern vibes, but it coordinates very well with the other features around it. The window gives off the sunlight the plants need to survive, and the plants themselves add fresh aspects to the room.

Radiant Porch

A front porch area with notes of elegance and relaxation are what you’ll get with this example. All the beautiful lights on this porch make it look refreshing and inviting for porch sitters. The various shrubbery it contains makes it blend in somewhat with the outdoors.

Unique Table Area

This unique, gorgeous and sturdy table brings a focal point to the room. The light sconces around the mirror look modern and sophisticated. The understated prints also add a modern appeal. Overall, the look is very fresh and sophisticated.

Uncluttered Living Room

This living room allows you to display collections of items without looking the least bit cluttered. The shelf and table have lean design lines. The prints on the wall are understated, but they blend in with everything around them. The pillows add just the right splash of color, and the storage bins make this room even more functional.

Airy Window

Light and airy are two words to describe this window area. The window sill creates the perfect open area for plants, and the curtains are sheer and styled in a breathtakingly simple and elegant manner.

Seated with Lights

This beautiful sitting area looks cozy and comfortable and makes you want to snuggle in with a good book and glass of wine. The string lights add a nice aura of trendiness without being overwhelming. The plants make the room fresh and on point.

Farmhouse Entryway

The farmhouse feel in this entryway is gorgeous. The welcome sign is very relaxing and inviting. Placing family photos on a ledge above proves to be a great idea. The rug is understated, but it gives people an area to kick off their muddy shoes. The coat or purse hooks provide functionality to the room, and the bench gives a beautiful area to sit down for a spell.

Boho Bedroom

This is a room that works for multiple reasons. It has all the relaxing elements it needs. The woven items get people back in touch with nature as do the plants. The lights behind the makeshift headboard give an earthy glow to the room. The light fixture is nothing short of unique and adds just the right amount of light to illuminate the area.

Coastal Living Room

This living room boasts of simplicity and elegance. It is perfect modern design in action. It would be a beautifully designed room for a house on the beach. Notice the light and airy feel to the area. Lots of natural light makes this room simply wonderful.

Trendy Bedroom

Blue and light coral are not two shades that you see mixed together very often in home design, but they just seem to work perfectly in this bedroom. The pendant light offers a unique twist as a reading lamp, and the magazine or book rack in the bedroom makes displaying reading material a breeze. The abstract artwork goes perfectly with everything else in the room.

Simple Sitting Area

Modern design meets an old school element with this sitting area. The round mirror provides a nice 1950s look, but the other items spell modern-day freshness. The bench appears rustic and sturdy looking, and the addition of plants makes for a nice focal area.