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110 of the Most Sought after Boho Bedroom Decor on Instagram this Month

Shades of Brown

As a creative homeowner, you can challenge yourself into decorating your room with different shades of one color that will instantly liven up your space. If your wall color is simple, you can be as expressive with the texture and colors you would like. In this instance, the use of different brown shades highlights the uniqueness of each piece in the room.


Rugs and Carpets

Area rugs and carpets give warmth to a room and help anchor furniture when placed correctly. In the bedroom, you can use a rug to add intimacy and calmness. You can also use it to establish the color theme of your room.


Floating Shelves

Boho bedroom décor is expressive. So, do not be afraid of trying out floating shelves as they make your bedroom looking neater. They also make your space look unique, creating more room for books and flowers of your choice.


Decorative Baskets

Decorative baskets have been instrumental pieces for giving a fresh perspective to boost styling. These baskets serve to minimize cutter in the room. When storing flowers and plants, you can opt to use baskets as well.


Décor for Tiny Spaces

Instead of using bedside tables, having a small chair placed at the corner of the room makes much sense. You can choose to create a pattern with the ornamentations you use. Hanging multiples frames on the wall make your walls look much more enjoyable.


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