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Kari’s Home Designs Are Rustic and Sophisticated

Kari combines distressed wood, neutral shades, and vivid hues to create home decor that is both welcoming and unforgettable. Distressed wood is used for doors, floors, and furniture, and makes the perfect finishing touch to a room. The wooden table in the breakfast nook complements the marble and steel accents in the kitchen, and the wooden door in the bathroom area gives the space a distinct farmhouse feel. Bursts of color like red throw pillows on a white or tan ottoman or green plants in the living room add a visual contrast that is immediately noticeable. Kari also brings some of the table decor that is normally reserved for the dining room or living room into the bathroom. The cabinets are adorned with seasonal accents, like a basket of small pumpkins to bring in the fall season, or potted pines to welcome the winter. She also makes the most of a neutral color palette by adding a patterned area rug to a space that is otherwise decorated with tan, off-white, or brown accents. Kari puts the same effort into making the outdoor spaces of a home beautiful. Porches made from brilliantly shiny wood are decorated with large potted plants that feature brightly-colored blooms, and distressed wood seating and fire pits make the outdoor area one of the best places to relax after a long day.