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Three Bedroom Terraced Home in Victorian Style by Malcolm of Design Sixty-nine

This three-bedroom terraced home in Aberdeen, Scotland was decorated in Victorian style. Victorian décor is very ornamental with lots of accessories throughout the room. It has historical elements and Asian influences. Velvet, tufting, and fringe are key elements. The comfortable pillows on the sofa and the numerous accessories in the bookcases in the living room are Victorian style. In addition, there are the other Victorian touches such as the stuffed chair with the furry pillow, the fireplace, the arched alcove with the old-fashioned bookcase, the pictures, and all the items in the bookcase, on the mantel, and tabletops. The dining room table is set in Victorian-style including flowers. The curved railing and the decorative newel posts are the start of the Victorian-style of this stairway. The half-round table and the pictures on the wall finish the look. The bedroom features a comfy-looking bed with a snuggly comfort, throw pillows, and a metal rail headboard. The walls are adorned with a collection of pictures. On the dresser and nightstands are numerous accessories; all decorated in the Victorian style. A second bedroom has a cozy spread, lots of pillows, a collection of images on the walls, and lots of Victorian accessories. The Victorian-style tub is the focus of this bathroom. The bowl sink and patterned flooring add to the Victorian charm. The patio includes touches of Victorian décor such as the fringed pillow and the flowers. This terraced home was decorated by Malcolm, a college Art and Design lecturer and a DIY blogger and Instagram influencer.