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28 Latest Backyard Design Ideas From Top Phoenix Landscapers

Life Springs Eternal

On Site Landscape gives us a great example of building up. Small and large flowers lead to beautiful trees that line the backyard. A large pool is surrounded by gravel on one side, a gazebo, and a lounge-friendly patio. Altogether, this design gives plenty of shade, greenery, and space to relax and play.

Spouts, leaves, and Pretty Things.

Here is another design from Creative Environments. An outdoor kitchen with an eating and lounge area, beautiful tiling to give your backyard an upscale feel, a pool surrounded by plant life, and an open yard space to top it off, this is a great way to maximize a small-to-medium yard while giving it plenty of life.

Cacti & Concrete

Desert Foothills Landscape manages to bring warmth and hospitality to concrete. With cacti and succulent arrangements and trees a-plenty, this backyard offers an elegant patio with views that never let you down. The tiered build offers more space, essentially expanding your backyard. And to top it all off – it has one amazing pool.

Charming Oasis

Warren Architecture brings us another design with plenty of shade, a rock arrangement that gives life to lively and colorful hardy plants, and a pool that will keep you coming back. With plenty of seating and a fish pond to boot, it’s hard to resist this charming design.

Simple Swimming

Azul Design & Landscape brings us another great design with this pool-focused beauty. A hide-away lounge area is surrounded by cacti, while a rock garden full of succulents lines the pool itself. Shades and desert-hardy plant life offer shade on the opposite side of the pool. Its crisp, clean lines bring it a touch of elegance.

Colorful and Crisp

TRUEFORM landscape architecture studio gives us plenty of shade with tall, hardy trees, organized pops of plant life, and plenty of color with an accent fence that leads to a more intimate patio. These wide-open spaces are perfect for family, friends, and fun.

Rock, Grace, & Plenty of Space

Rocket Garden Landscape Design has a great twist on backyard architecture. With an accent fence for color, trees, and plant life all throughout, a patio, decorative walls, and tons of lighting, this backyard is perfect for pets, families, or singles who just love a good view. Even the outdoor kitchen offers colorful pops and plenty of charm. The best part? This is perfect for small yards!

Colorful Oasis

Bianchi Design utilizes a combination of flowers, succulents, trees, cacti, and an accent fence to bring color and life to this lovely design. An outdoor fireplace makes for the perfect patio space, while a pool offers relief from the hot sun!

Secret Garden

Hedge and Spade Landscape Design shows us that you can have flowers, vines, and everything divine even in Phoenix! Trees offer plenty of shade all through this quaint backyard, while vines help to break up the concrete. Flowerbeds give plenty of colors, and a patio gives you the perfect place for everything from brunch to birthdays.

Upscale Perfection

Guided Home Design gives us another peek at what outdoor living can truly mean. With crisp lines and precise placements, this backyard is great for pets, kids, and big get-togethers. With a fire pit surrounded by amble seating and a fence that leads to a lounge and pool area, it’s easy to see why this design is so popular.

True Phoenix Feel

Desert Foothills Landscape offers us a look at desert perfection! Rather than shy away from the desert, this design embraces it. With red clay fencing, succulents, cacti, gravel, and sand, it feels like the desert is at your doorstep. This beautifully cultivated yard still offers shade and open spaces, as well as comfy seating so you can enjoy your time outdoors year-round.

Stately Entertainment

With kendle design collaborative, we see that you can have stately elegance with outdoor entertainment. Careful lines and symmetry line the fountain-adorned pool. But swimming isn’t the only outdoor activity this design offers. It also offers tons of outdoor space for you, the family, and all your pets to explore and spread out.