Living Room Ideas Scandinavian Ideas

120 Clean and Warm Scandinavian Living Room Ideas That are Popular on Houzz & Pinterest

Windows Galore

The wide open windows and doorway of this space make plants easy and highlight the clever checkerboard pattern on the floor. Stretch out and enjoy a nap on the long couch or study a book from the coffee table; this space is ready for any need.


A 70’s Castle

The combination of orange and grey, set in a low, low-slug seating area gives this living room a 70’s feel. The heavy stonework and matte finish paint job add to the castle feel. What a relaxing spot for a movie or conversation with friends!


Crisp Navy and White

A wide variety of color and patterns makes this room a fun, eclectic spot to enjoy time with family and friends. The teal table ties in nicely with the the railing above and the orange bench and lamp add some sun!


Let the Floor Shine

The artwork is striking, but the star of this space is the herringbone floor pattern. Beautiful windows allow in loads of light and fresh air as guests relax on the long, low sofa.


Glowing Glass

This unique decor starts with all white floor and walls, but the addition of gabled windows and clear glass vases and table base quickly ramp up the color quotient. The addition of sage cushions and a goldenrod sofa base add even more interest.


Go with the Warm and Inviting Style

Try out a colour combination of eggshell or matte on the walls, cream-tinted white paint, and semi-gloss paint for the trim and flat paint on the ceiling. This creates some considerable visual depth and complements the living room’s décor that includes conveniently accessible accessories like books, flowers, throw pillows and plants, a coffee table among other spaced tables throughout the room, and a rug that completes a stylish Scandinavian design living room.


Achieve More with Less

While this space may appear to be occupied in terms of the items spread around the room, there are only two major furniture pieces that predominantly occupy this room. These would be the media console and the sectional sofa which enhance storage utility and optimize spacing around the room. With this Scandinavian design, there is more room for decorative additions.


Natural Lighting with Colors

Highlighted by a moveable white interior wall and the large windows letting in natural light and ambience in abundance, this Stockholm home by Nadja Endler is a true embodiment of the Scandinavian style.


Another testament of this space optimization would be this California home marked by the street’s view allowed in by the wall of window and the natural light to bring out the beauty of accessories integrated within the family by Ana Kamin.


Keep it Toasty with Warm Textiles

Going with a Scandinavian style could mean taking into consideration the occasionally icy temperatures typically witnessed in Scandinavia. A stylish way to keep your home warm while maintaining the Scandinavian elegance would introduce warm textiles ranging anywhere from sheepskin to carpets made from wool.