Boho Ideas Living Room Ideas

100 Examples to Help You With Your Boho Living Room Design

Basic Loft Sitting With Multicolor Rugs

Multicoloured rugs with strips will give the loft sitting room a fun Bohemian vibe. The natural light coming in through the window will keep the sitting space calm and bright. Low furniture increases space in the room to make it more open. You can fill the space with large houseplants and a neutral backless bench.

An Eclectic Living Space Featuring Blue Velvet Sofa

The vaulted ceiling and fresh clean white walls have given the living space an airy and spacious look. Along with the fireplace, a couple of woven chairs with stylish faux-fur throws and can be used as seats for visitors. But it is the blue lush velvet sofa that holds the eclectic style design in place.

A Bohemian Eclectic Space Featuring Green Tables

Natural fibres and wood create a relaxing mood in this living space. The textiles blend with different fun accents and colours, promoting a Bohemian feel in the living room.

A Centerpiece Rug

A statement rug sums up any Boho living room’s grand appearance, just like in this one. The combination of earthlike tones brings life and colour to this living space; therefore, it does not appear dull. The statement rug adds an element of nature and colour to this room with the baskets and hanging greenery.


Jute Look

The piles of jute add a natural touch to the living space. You can recreate this unique look using a circular or rectangular jute rug, decorating with light timber tones, and two small-sized jute poufs for sitting on. Add some greenery to spruce up your living room.


Be Creative Using Your Art

Time to switch from typical art prints to using colourful plates on the wall. This will be a great idea in case you hate collecting an assortment of unique plates from overseas. Choose an appropriate focal point to frame your TV and create a feature wall with unique pieces.


Warm Scented Tones

Bring that Bohemian feel to your living room by applying very warm techniques. Your art prints, pillows, and rugs should have warm shades. Use a combination of similar shades to achieve harmony with ease.


Au Natural

This is a perfect living room for just sitting back and relaxing with your glass of red while listening to soft music. You can design this look using many natural colours and integrating features such as a combination of small and large flowers around your room.


Experiment with textures and patterns

This living space is a masterpiece! It boasts of a bold design coupled with a wide variety of earthy tones together with a combination of green, white, and black shades. This living space has correctly used patterns and textures. For example, the double sophisticated rug pattern, whereby a feathery black and white rug is on top of the jute rug. Besides, a feathery white flow has been placed on the lush blue velvet chair. Finally, a combination of velvet and linen cushions has been used on that brown nice leather sofa. All of those patterns, textures, and colours create a warm and inviting living room.


The Trick Is To Combine Different Elements

If you want a Bohemian style inspired living room, mix and match is the answer. This strategy will not only give your living space a personal but also a lived-in feel. The living space is unique because of the industrial pieces and mid-century inspired designs used in decorating it. It has a linen sand-coloured couch that is the foundation on which other textiles should be anchored on. Lastly, the bright rug and cushions create a personal feel.


Use Plants To Create Height

A lot of Boho living spaces come with many dimensions, just like in this living room. A beautiful big plant has been cleverly placed on a black small stool, giving it height. Interestingly, this creates excellent levels that add incredible detail to your living space.


A feminine Boho touch

A creative, inspiring, and comfortable, inspiring room full of good vibes is what you archive with a feminine touch. It entails the use of different warm and natural tones to create an inviting mid-century space.


Neutral Palette Tone

Look at this other fantastic neutral palette full of bohemian beauty. This exquisite look has been created by the layered Persian-style rugs, cream and brown tones, and rattan furniture.