Boho Ideas Living Room Ideas

100 Examples to Help You With Your Boho Living Room Design

Cultural Approach

There’s always space for culture! The woven pieces on the wall make it feel cultural along with the intricate and unique pillow designs, making the living room feel culturally inviting.


Hanging With Plants

A living room that demonstrates a love for plants. The plants hang from the ceiling while covering the floor, making people on the couch feel comfortable and among the plants.


Displaying the Classics

It’s nice to show some love for the classics, which it does effectively. It shows off plants, newspaper articles, books, a record player along with other pieces on a wooden dresser.


The Perfect Retreat

With a comfortable couch, romantic paintings and a wooden dresser perfect for treats, any couple could get romantic in this living room. It also shows off the plants to the side and other pieces.


Relaxation and Socialization

The sudden bright pillows compliment the gray and white colors. Since it offers plenty of seats and space, people can easily relax and socialize while they surround each other.


Break Time

The natural light, plants and various seats makes this area ideal for a break. The pitcher on the table, along with the relaxing rug, openly invites people to sit, relax and enjoy a break from the day.


Diamonds in the Rough

A shape theme can bring a living room together, so diamonds are no exception. With diamonds on the rug, pillows and paintings, the living room feels consistent despite the different materials and colors throughout it.


The Treehouse

The natural and hanging lights make the living room feel like its in the trees. This is expanded upon through the plants near the wood-trimmed couch and the hanging wooden seat.


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