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Ashley Knie Offers a Fresh Take on Winter Style

Pine trees, modern holiday decor, and knit blankets are an essential part of Ashley Knie‘s home designs. Rustic wooden furniture like expansive coffee tables and impressive wall art like decorative guitars and boughs of holly make Knie’s designs one of a kind. Knie’s centerpiece arrangement of abstract Christmas tree replicas in the center of the coffee table and oversized pillows stored under the table’s surface makes the living room cozy and attractive. Knie also decorates with potted pine trees in a variety of sizes and colors ranging from hunter green to silver to give the living room or bedroom an enchanted feel. Knie’s all-white kitchen designs make the area look larger and the white and tan cabinetry complements the stainless steel appliances nicely. Knie is also known for outdoor home decor, which includes a combination of black, white, and gray furniture and an array of textures and materials like wicker, wood, and cotton. Rustic dining tables complemented with a fancy chandelier overhead are also part of Knie’s design aesthetic to make it easier to entertain guests in this space. A mix of metal and wood are also evident in the mirrors, storage bins, and wall art in Knie’s bedrooms and family rooms.