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Mallory’s Interior Designs are Stylish and Cozy

If you want your home to be comfortable but still want to keep up with modern design trends, Mallory from Reserve_Home has the design solutions for you. Centerpieces comprised of several vases filled with soft white flowers and elaborate wall mirrors with Victorian accents make a room appear elegant but not intimidating. Wall art that features elaborate prints and whimsical depictions of nature make any room stand out. Mallory also accents dressers and small tables with tiny sculptures and abstract plant arrangements. Plush, tan sofas, velvet ottomans, and area rugs with clean lines easily serve as conversation pieces in the living rooms Mallory designs, and potted plants add a pop of green to make the color scheme come together. The throw blankets and pillows often include understated but noticeable textures and patterns that contrast with solid-color furniture well. Mallory also adds cable knit throw blankets and textures area rugs to the living room to make the space interesting and welcoming. Mallory also enjoys creating outdoor spaces with white furniture and hints of bright colors like orange, yellow, and blue.