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A Cozy and Peaceful Scandinavian Style Home Designed by Julia of Feinglanz

This Scandinavian-style décor home in Germany was decorated by Julia of Feinglanz. Scandinavian design has a clean, modern look that features minimalist design with natural materials, neutral colors, and simple lines. It isn’t barren. Actually, Scandinavian design is warm and welcoming. It is open, uncluttered, and inviting emphasizing function and space. Scandinavian design is budget friendly. Furnishings have both straight and curved lines. The color palette uses black and white and adds gray, tan, brown, and even pastel pinks and blues. The white provides a bright, well-lighted look. Materials include cotton, wool, fur, wood, and rattan. The wool and fur throws provide warmth during cold Scandinavian winters. Décor also includes natural fiber cord furniture and accessories. Plants and flowers breath life into Scandinavian-style décor. The living room of this home has a simple, uncluttered look. It features a gray focal wall and creamy white throughout the rest of the room. The fabric throw adds a comfortable feel to the room. The galley kitchen is accessorized to provide a welcome feel, but it has plenty of room to cook. The dining area in the kitchen has a clean and inviting feel. The study repeats the clean, uncluttered look, but invites you to grab the throw and a book for some uninterrupted reading time. The bedroom promotes tranquility and relaxation with the clean look.