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Emily Sanchez Has An Eye for Design and A Green Thumb

Emily Sanchez is a designer based in San Diego. She uses a strong color theme of light pink and green, which ties her house together and creates a comfortable, put-together space. Soft lighting and deep textures add interest to the home to keep it from being boring, even if the colors are predictable.

The bedroom plays with light in interesting ways. String lights bring interesting lines into the room. A couple of different plants add different colors and textures to the room, dominated by natural shades. Warm tones in the walls and covers make the space feel cozy. The living room, again, works with warm light and red-toned colors. Although there is a window that brings in a lot of light, the red-toned flooring, carpet and decor make the room feel warm.

Throughout the house, plants bring interesting lines and a peaceful feel to the home. Warm tones create cozy spaces, even when the light is brighter and colder. It takes work to create this warm of space out of nothing, but Emily has done it. This home is the perfect example of using color and lighting to create the feeling you want in your house.