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Sandra Baker Offers Victorian Style with a Modern, Chic Twist

Sandra Baker (@the_idle_hands) makes any room come alive with a combination of eye-catching patterns and antique-inspired furniture pieces. Floral or paisley walls and elaborate chandeliers are part of Baker’s signature style, along with artwork that showcases the beauty of nature in a delightfully abstract way. While many of the decorative walls showcase pastels and jewel tones, Baker also isn’t afraid to play with dark grays and black in the dining room or bathroom. These dark hues are often paired with brighter colors like orange and green to make the space inviting. Clawfoot bathtubs are another fascinating in Baker’s bathroom, and the colors, like gold and dusty rose, make the entire area one of a kind. Baker is also known for her eye-catching centerpieces, which include a matte black pumpkin accented with white flowers and lush greenery in metallic vases. Baker also adds at least one conversation piece in each room to make the entire area stand out, such as a plush ottoman decorated with vases in an array of sizes and patterns or an extravagant marble sink and backsplash for the kitchen. Baker is also known for adding eccentric decorations around the fireplace, as well as fireplace colors in shades of turquoise and slate gray.