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48 Popular Eclectic Decor Ideas Trending for February

Mediterranean Meets Boho

Mediterranean details in chairs, the table, and even the chandelier are greeted by the Bohemian plush chairs on the head and foot of the table and by the woven straw circles on the wall. More plants add color to an otherwise very brown palette.


Vintage and Bohemian Styles Converge

Furniture from the ’50’s, ’60’s, and ’70’s adorn this space. Bohemian decor includes the woven and yarn-embroidered flop seat near a wooden cable spool table, the woven chandelier cover, and the plants placed about the room. The Boho woven rug is a nice touch that draws your eye down the length of the room.


Dark Colors, Plush Fabrics, and Unusual Choices in Decor

Any one of these components by itself might not be aesthetically pleasing, but there’s something fun about a plush blue sectional combined with lots of dark colored plush throw pillows and unusual wall paper. The gold lips plaque seems so out of place, but fun, in this room. The chandelier and dark tables are very old world in decor, but their harsh color and lines makes the other dark-colored objects in the room stand out.


The Colorful Burst of Eclectic Design

Practically a prerequisite for many eclectic decor interiors, tons of bright colors popping out at you are in play here. They are further dramatically emphasized by all of the natural light streaming through the window. Reds, yellows, and golds make you think that there just might be a fiesta happening here later in the day.


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