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Lena’s 24 Boho House Designs Show How Space Can Be Busy But Not Overwhelming

There is a thin line between busy and cluttered, and Lena treads it well. The common themes throughout the rooms pull the house together and keep the space from being overwhelming. Repetitive plant and space themed imagery pull the rooms together and create a concise space.

Lena is a designer who lets her work be guided by what she loves. Neutral tones also work to keep the house from being overwhelming. While so many patterns and textures in more colors may be too much for the senses, the collected color palette keeps the space calm.

The living room is the perfect example of full but not cluttered. There are few bursts of color–look to the pillows and blankets, but for the most part, space exhibits with the same motifs, which makes it easier to take in. Plants and planetary imagery dominate space. Soft textures and round shapes make the room feel cozy but not closed in or claustrophobic. The bedroom is similar. Warm tones and neutral colors, paired with soft lighting from multiple angles make the room feel cozy and safe. The same imagery can be seen here, making the room feel collected and purposeful rather than cluttered.

Overall, filling a room to the brim can be dangerous, but Lena works it.