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130 Popular Industrial Bedroom Ideas and Design Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Industrial bedroom styles bring an old-factory vibe to your home or wherever you decide to adopt the design. However, most people do not know what they should do when adopting this design. If you would like to get some ideas to perfect your industrial design, you are in the right place.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Embrace Contrast

One of the perfect ways to incorporate an industrial design to your home is the proper contrast of several things. For example, you can create a variation in colors by painting black next to white or any other combination of bright versus pale ones.

Also, you can choose to play with the furniture color to create contrast. A brown painted need with white bedding creates a perfect contrast. Alternatively, you can have a black wall and another with white bricks to bring in the difference. Sometimes, combining new items with old ones also works perfectly.

Use Wood Pallet for Your Bed

We all know wood pallet as a home decorator’s go-to material when they want to design something unique and eye-catching. However, most people rarely think about using wood pallet for a bed. But it makes perfect beds that bring an industrial look to a bedroom.

Using this material to make a bed is one of the most innovative ways to use it. The best thing to do is whitewashing the floor to combine it with the unfinished wood to get the best look. Besides, concrete walls can do the magic in bringing the whole look together.

Buy Industrial Décor

The industrial design should also include some distressed mid-century items to bring the look that you desire. Therefore, you can use some of the items in your home to do it, for example, things like old-school bedside tables and many more.

You can also hang old-themed prints on the walls to add to this look. The fresh, updated look that this brings to your home is one you can enjoy seeing every day. The most important thing here is overcoming the fear of trying something different. Old looking items get ignored, but they have a magical effect.

Install a Steel Barn Door

The thought of having a steel door in your bedroom doesn’t sound great or even something you may want to try. However, installing a steel door is one of the best things to do when you want to bring an industrial feel to your bedroom.

You cannot use steel traditionally in such cases. In this case, a smart installation is vital to achieving the desired design. It turns out to be a bedroom-friendly door when installed the right way. Also, you can opt to use steel in other bedroom items like cloth racks and chairs to add to the warmth you desire in your space.

Use Edison Lighting

Edison lighting makes your mind wander to 100 years ago when Thomas Edison introduced them. Although they use relatively new LED technology, they still embrace the bold new look that you want for your bedroom. Edison lighting is becoming popular as more people are looking to change their modern bedrooms.

All you need to do is buying the cage and Edison bulbs too. The exposed bulb makes everything look unique and traditional but with a modern feel. Also, you should be sure to find the right place to place the lamps to bring unique design.

Use Pipes and Beams

As you know, an industrial design is never complete without exposed piping. Therefore, the best thing to do is using exposed pipes and beams to bring out the plan. Most times, it will require hiring an architect to get it right, but still, you can do it yourself if on a budget.

You can use soldiered metal pipes to make some bedroom items like wardrobes or bookshelves. The rustic look that this brings to your bedroom looks unique and appealing. You can also choose to adopt a piping design that does not require soldering the metal, which is a much simpler way to do it.

Reclaimed Wood Shelves Work Well

Open style reclaimed wood bookshelves are a great addition to every bedroom. It brings a rustic yet stylish look to your home, making it have a unique industrial design that you desire. Although it is primarily for storage, a reclaimed wood shelve is also essential for display.

That has made it a popular material for home and bedroom décor. You can head on to your local lumber and ask for some salvaged wood to use a material for your wood shelve. Also, you can have a professional do it so that it brings the exact look you desire.

Use A Simple Neutral Color Scheme

Most people think of neutral colors as being dull. However, that is the opposite of what they are in the real sense. There are both dark and light neutral colors that you can use for your bedroom to bring the look you have always wanted.

For instance, you can use dark neutrals for walls or furniture such as beds, chairs or wardrobes. Sometimes, finding inspiration for a simple neutral color can be a daunting task, but professionals can find such colors simple to work with both on walls and furniture.

Black Metal Bed with White Brick Walls

It may look like the contrast we discussed earlier, but there are some differences in this case. Exposed bricks are another secret that people use when adopting an industrial bed design. According to home improvement experts, it is the easiest way to adopt an industrial design.

If you worry that exposed bricks will make your room look unfinished, try painting them white. Also, use a black metal bed with white bedding to bring the color contrast mentioned earlier. This combination will help you scale back and also maintain a modern feel in your bedroom.

Industrial Style Bunk Bed for Your Bedroom

The use of industrial-inspired bunk beds is one viral trend that designers use to bring a new look in modern bedrooms. What you will love about these beds is how they blend in with rustic walls to bring a modern look within your space.

Therefore, the best thing to do is buying this bed design and combining it with thrift store accessories. Also, faux-brick wall types work perfectly.

The ideas in this article will help you improve your room to look as you imagine it in your head. Using the right items and paintings is the secret. As mentioned earlier, you should never be afraid of trying as you will achieve the industrial style design by doing so.

Popular Ideas

A classic twist

The combination of white walls and modern accessories such as the lamp gives the room a timeless look. The quirky accessory hanging from the center of the ceiling, as well as the painting by the bed, keep the white room interesting.


The perfect mix of elements

Concrete grey walls, polished floors, and metal bars in the ceiling create a gorgeous industrial look. The lights and orange accents add warmth to the feeling of the room.


Curtail doors

The Curtail doors modernize the space and are quite cool. They separate the rooms while preserving the open feel of the property. Paired with the dark flooring, the room appears more welcoming.


Metallic and wood influences

This space proves that concrete is not always necessary for industrial design. It has used metal, wood, brick, and other materials to achieve the same look. The exposed brick and hardwood floors add to the character of the room as well.


Panache brick wall

The brick wall has an unconventional design, contrasting sharply with its surroundings. The wall balances with metal and wood, creating an industrial feel, while the blue pillows and yellow throw add a bit of color.


Just the basics

Although this room is minimalistic, it has so much character. The combination of the polished concrete floor and wooden ceiling create an unfinished, yet sophisticated look. The white bedding and dim light introduce a romantic ambiance, while the red rugs and pillows make the place warm.


Bold walls

The designer of this room utilized wallpaper to complement the attic bedroom’s large windows and create an industrial feel. The gold bedside lamps, mint-colored pillows, and nightstand, and deep red headboard introduce color to the monochromatic room.


Brown brick walls and a thin bed frame

The bed frame is delicate, and the white bedspread is soft. Exposed brick has been used to add warmth and texture while the comfortable rug as well contrasts perfectly with the brown walls.


Elegant curtain room separator

The simple white curtain elegantly separates the living room and bedroom, ensuring privacy. The yellow wall paint and the orange bedspread add color and allow for individual expression.


Neutral colors

The bedroom boasts a neutral color palette of brown, black, white, and gray. It has low-profile furniture with straight lines in keeping with the focus on the brick wall.


Custom wardrobe wall

The focal point of this room is the full-length wardrobe wall. Its white color produces a modern effect while white bedding and plush pillows emit a cozy, inviting atmosphere.