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Designer Katharina Brings Nature Indoors with Unique Interior Decor

Interior designer Katharina is based in Germany and proudly lives a plant-based lifestyle. Her flat features a variety of wood that ranges from the furniture to the floors. The natural colors of the wood complement each other and create a natural environment.

A variety of potted plants are found throughout almost every room which adds a splash of green as well as a focal point.

The dark black accent walls are strategically placed in the bedroom and in other areas of the flat to create a rich texture that accents the rest of the décor.

Natural light fills the entire space while curtains and window treatments add a splash of color. The same type of natural lighting can be found in Katharina’s home which she refers to as a tiny house that is located on a large property with plenty of nature surrounding the area.

Her home is a work in progress as she uses her keen eye for design to renovate and decorate each room to perfection. She is currently tracking and displaying her progress as she continues to work on her tiny house.

Katharina uses natural wood, plants, greenery, and natural lighting to create a serene and cozy environment in both her apartment and her tiny house!